During the summertime and Christmas time, people often leave out treats, cold water and soda pop for their Fed-Ex, UPS and USPS deliverymen on their front porches. But a recent video of a man leaving packages of toilet paper and large bottles of hand sanitizer out on his porch for his delivery drivers has garnered […]

A growing number of states have banned elective surgeries in order to focus all resources on fighting the COVID-19 virus. Some abortion providers and states, however, have determined abortion to be an essential procedure. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington state governors have all decreed abortion is an essential need, exempting it from any ban. […]

The $2.2 trillion coronavirus rescue package passed by the Senate this week and approved by the House Friday afternoon helps taxpayers with their charitable giving, and that could be good news for churches and ministries. Many faith-based non-profits rely on charitable giving from their partners in order to help in their communities throughout the year […]

As the COVID-19 pandemic affects daily life in America and around the world, Operation Blessing continues to provide cleaning supplies to those fighting on the frontlines against the coronavirus. With the help of partners, Operation Blessing is giving virus-killing chlorine, protective N95 masks, and other critical sanitation items to hospitals and government agencies all over […]

Dr. James Dobson is applauding Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) for halting elective abortions during the coronavirus crisis. "Our nation and our world are in the midst of a pandemic that is claiming thousands of lives, and the US is taking drastic measures to protect people during this unprecedented […]

With the Chinese forced to devote huge resources to containing the spread of COVID-19, you would think that the communist government might temporarily lay off persecuting the nation’s hard-pressed Christian community. Sadly not. Instead, the shuttering of churches to stem coronavirus infections has presented the state with a key opportunity to ransack sanctuaries and strip […]

An Argentinian revivalist turned Father of the Transformation movement around the world is calling the church to a live internet broadcast Friday night to share hope about the coronavirus situation. He has rallied some extremely impactful friends to join him and they together believe that God has a remedy for the nations and that it […]

The Bible is God's Word and is full of truth for every situation we face in life. As the world endures quarantines, closures, and even panic during the coronavirus pandemic, God offers peace. His Word can displace anxiety and fear with hope and healing. Jesus is described as the "Prince of Peace" for those who […]

Millions of people around the world have been forced into isolation as part of the global effort to stop the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. Since no tourists are allowed in Israel during this time, CBN News is bringing Israel to you. Join us here every day as we take you on a virtual tour through Israel's […]

CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist, immune system expert and best-selling author to ask him your latest questions about the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the questions being addressed in this Q&A: Cheryl: Is this similar to the Asian flu and if so does that mean people who had […]

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